Your feet tread a well worn path. Your heels matching the steps of so many before you. What is it that brings you here? Fate? Luck? Destiny? Or perhaps the desire to be somewhere else. Who among us truly knows? But still, you walk on, carried forth like a leaf on the wind.

The sun touches down over The Gajaselt mountains in the east. And the southern wind brings with it the scent of the ocean. The traffic on the road today is cheerful, and heavy. The winter snows not yet touching the land of Caisema. Since you crossed the border, almost nothing has marred the surreal image and impression of this most ambitious domain.

Ah Caisema, you needed to see it to believe it. A thriving city state carved out of the unruly wilds of southern Yarkates. Intrepid heroes and adventures, seeking to set their own paths to greatness tamed the lands and put both outlaw and monster to the sword. The original heroes, The Band of Twelve, settled the land and established order. And a society where it was courage, skill, daring and Merit that defined the men and women of Caisema; Not nobility, birth, nor decree of Deity or king. Everywhere you looked, you could see the hand of the Heroes.

Fate might have put you at the Vintel Crossroads, but it was the parchment you held that set you on the path to Caisema…

“It is hereby announced, the Lord Mayor of Casullem, Dietrik Casullem, has sounded the call to arms and adventure! The gem of Yarkates, lovely Caisema needs your aide, calls for it! The foundling township of Hintervale exists on the edge of wondrous Caisema, and Lord Dietrik Casullem needs your help to make this dream a reality! More land for the humble citizens, more work for those who prefer their tools to the sword or staff. A new Temple to the Three and finally a staging point from which to cleanse the Arkenwood of it’s evils. Station, gold, renown, and glory await you! Seek employment at the offices of Casullem Trade in Rolomia, city of Sails. Remeber, Caisema is the fortune of the bold, and those who dare, do! -High Clerk Rogester, Casullem Trade.”

Having come from a past remarkable, or not. Having lived a life of virtue, or vice. The promise of something more has to you? is it Riches? The promise of Glory? A place to finally belong? Or is it a search for Freedom, and the adventure of a tomorrow that you can’t imagine?

Welcome, to the epic d20 Campaign….In Search of Freedom!

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In Search of Freedom

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