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Hello Adventurer:

I’m glad that you’ve decided to give our Campaign a look. I say our Campaign, and not My campaign, because the world I create is a gift to the players, without whom none of it would exist. And I’m glad that you’re thinking of joining us. So, what I’ve got for you below are just some guidelines and information regarding character creation.

Stats: Roll 4d6, drop the lowest, re-roll 1’s and 2’s. Do this seven times, drop the worst.

Starting Level: 1 (at the moment, inquire about the status of the campaign in the future)

Races: As a DM I allow races beyond the typical starting races. You must contact me with the race you want to play as if there is a level adjustment so I can adjust the other players starting strength as well as let you know what adjustments there are to the race.

Brandon Stuff: These are bonuses that no one know the exact nature of. There are three tiers: Lesser, Moderate, and Greater. You may choose 3 Lesser Rolls, 2 medium Rolls, or One Greater roll. The benefits range from far and wide and dance the spectrum of power and usefulness. None of them are bad. It’s just a fun thing that i do.

Alignment: Non Evil, Good suggested.

Deities: Slowly the traditional DnD and Forgotten realms pantheons will be replaced as the Campaign setting grows. There are several new deities, let me know if you are a cleric or a Paladin and need to know this.

NEW RACES!: Check the DM races page.
NEW CLASSES!: Check the DM classes Page.

Character Bio: At least one page background information on your character for general knowledge. Things they might let the others know in small talk, etc. DM specific stuff, please label as such and it will be kept secret. The more you give me, the better the reward.

Character Art: A picture, original or Ripped for your character entry here is encouraged. A DM related reward will be issued for prompt submission so we can update the site here.

Unearthed Arcana: You are allowed up to three flaws. These can be from outside the standard in the book, work that out with me. However they must have an impact. You are after all getting a benefit for the flaw. You may also choose to have me (The DM) roll a randomly generated bloodline for you, or Bonus feats. Your choice.

On Level adjusted Races: If you choose a race with a level adjustment, for the most part that’s fine so long as it is in the +1 Range. IF it goes into the +2 Then get with me and we’ll see if it works for the story and adjust it to relative power to the other players. IF a player chooses a race with a +0 level adjustment and others choose races with a Level adjustment the DM has balancing factors in place. IF you want to be a traditional race, you won’t be left behind. Get with me and we’ll make it even with others.

Post Game: I believe the players perspective is hugely important. And I like everyone to be able to acknowledge other players in a meaningful way. So at the end of the sessions we play the players, and the players only, all get to vote in the following categories-

Best Role-playing- For the player who just ‘WAS’ their character for that session.
Best Character Development- Who advanced their character the most as a character?
Most Creative Player- Creative solutions, answers or insights of the outside the box style.
Most Fun Player- Who was just the most fun to play with?
Best Supporting player- For the guy who let the others take the lime light, but stayed involved.

And there is a reward handed out, just a way to let the players have their day.

And finally, a few creed’s we live by-

1) The Game and Story come first. Roleplaying will get you a lot further in my game that stat math and tossing dice. I will endeavor to create an immersive and complete world. With Depth, personality and story paths for all players. That being said, when yosu ti down at the table, hop into character, please. And remember, this isn’t WoW. Terms like “DPS”, “Tank”, “Crowd Control” are for video games, I can guarantee you my monsters don’t adhere to MMO Mentality. And it just takes everyone out of the game.

2) The root group has had several games together and many returning players say that this group and this DM provided the best and most memorable games they’ve played in. As such, trust you will have a good time. But this DM has no patience for power gaming. Impress everyone with the character, not the number of people you can mind control, or the amount of dice you can roll in one attack.

3) Have fun. If you have a suggestion, question, need a quiet aside with the DM…then just say so! There isn’t any problem there, and it’s encouraged. We’re going to start as RPGr’s and hopefully end up as friends.

That’s all I’ve got for you, if everything sounds good then shoot me an email at-
FaustianOfBastok@yahoo.com And we’ll see you at the table!

[[New Player Information]]

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